Balcony garden – Our journey

We are corporate employees by profession with a busy schedule as you can imagine. Hailing from an agricultural background from a small town Dharmapuri in Tamil Nadu, we were used to getting everything “fresh from the farm” quite literally, at a throw away price as well. Contrary to this, we paid through our nose for our daily vegetable needs that was loaded with chemicals in all forms one can think of.  Having a child at home only added to our concern of what we ate.  A discussion over a cup of tea on the drastic change in our life style, eating habits lead us to what we do today for passion. The very balcony where we sat as we sipped on our tea stared back at us, almost shouting “Now or Never”. As my wife and I exchanged looks, we both knew what we had to do. A  balcony garden it was!

mint growing in balcony garden
Mint in Balcony

A pot here and a pot there, few coriander seeds in one and some methi (fenugreek) in another that is how our journey began. It was a pleasure watching it grow bit by bit as days passed by. Gradually, we added more plants to meet our daily needs ranging from Kitchen needs to Pooja needs and of course everyone’s favorite plants with medicinal values.  Now we are proud owners of a small balcony garden, adding greenery to our homes and most importantly our lives

Get your balcony garden too

If you are here reading this, it is pretty obvious you want to go green as well. We are here to help you achieve that. Right from the choice of plants to the soil type, we can help you set up your balcony /terrace garden. Need assistance, we are more than happy to help. Contact us